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Avid 3D Printing Event December 1, 2015

A Primer on 3D Printing

“3D printing” is a relatively new buzzword used to describe a process that’s been around since the 1980s: Additive Manufacturing (AM), in which a three-dimensional design is used to build an object by depositing material in layers. Recently, the term has gained traction as AM technologies have advanced and become more affordable.

Jaipur Literature Festival at Boulder

Bringing the Jaipur Literature Festival to Boulder

“What is the Jaipur Literature Festival?” Admittedly, it’s a question we had to ask when we were approached to develop and execute a communications strategy for the first-ever Jaipur Literature Festival at Boulder (JLF@Boulder). Then it was a question we had to answer countless times when talking with the public and reporters. It’s one thing…