I am one of those strange people who enjoys writing. I like to write and I find it intriguing how powerful the written word can be. People tell me that I am good at writing, so I figured, why not make it a career... Read More

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This is Why You Should Reconsider Your Digital Marketing Budget

In the constantly changing media marketplace we’re currently faced with, the resources, tools, techniques and platforms that are effective today may not be able to drive the results you’re looking for tomorrow. Consequently, marketers and others in the marketing industry are forced to evolve their tactics or risk being left behind as content consumption patterns develop and social media platforms shift…

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Fantastic Copy and How to Write It (Part II)

In part one of this blog series, I talked a little bit about what copywriting is, why it is important and offered up a few tips on how to attract readers with the captivating content you’re crafting. This post — part two — not only offers fantastic copy — see what I did there? It also provides valuable and relevant content, including additional tips on how to draft irresistible copy that engages viewers and compels them to take action…