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Municipalization Power Agreement/Messaging Strategy


During one election season, Comprise was selected by Boulder City Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem Bob Yates and Angelique Espinoza, former Boulder City Councilmember, to develop materials for the Yes on 2C & 2D campaign in Boulder County, Colorado. The goal of this campaign was to pause the municipalization power agreement and make a deal with Xcel Energy to achieve meaningful climate action.

Yes on 2C & 2D logo with climate safety savings tagline on solar panel and wind mill background

Our Work

Comprise was tasked with designing and developing campaign branding, website, digital and print advertisements, social media campaigns, and a Q&A webinar. Our in-house creative team developed an informative website that included FAQs, endorsements, news articles and an opportunity for the Boulder community to get involved with the campaign.

Boulder's Great Green Deal Website Design

“The agency was highly responsive to the needs of our campaign, they were always available and accessible, and they got us what we needed when we needed it. The team was tremendously creative, finding solutions to problems that seemed intractable.”

The Results

Boulder ballot measures 2C and 2D passed! There were 1,300-plus visitors to the website during election season, and Comprise was fortunate enough to help yet another local community campaign succeed.

Boulder's Great Green Deal Logo

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