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To effectively grow an innovative company in the ever-changing emerging markets sector, founders must partner with experts who possess a proven ability to evaluate risk and govern companies through all parts of the supply chain. Cliintel Capital, one of the first venture firms to enter cannabis markets, equips growth-oriented companies across the cannabis supply chain and other emerging “vice” industries with the tools and support necessary to succeed in making their vision a reality. With the vision of increasing company visibility, the Cliintel team sought to enhance its website and branding in preparation for several planned announcements and expected increases in website traffic.

Our Work

Comprise worked directly with the owners of Cliintel Capital to help craft a compelling PR strategy supplemented with modern design language. Cliintel requested that the new website and branding reflect its unique experience in incubating companies that appeal to investors and demonstrate the longevity of innovation within the Batenburg family legacy.  

We began by reworking the original Cliintel logo. Father and son duo Rick and Rich requested we preserve the bat as a critical homage to their Batenburg family heritage. We redesigned the bat with an intricate low-poly design using a gradient of black to white to fill the new emblem. The Cliintel name was then filled with a deep red, which serves as a strong accent color throughout the company’s branding. Using simple colors and shapes helped inform the minimal and sophisticated design language on the Cliintel website, business cards, email signatures, stationery, presentation deck templates and marketing collateral. Our website design and development team also introduced some organizational changes to the website structure and copy, recommending additional webpages to better help tell the Cliintel Capital story and share the company’s productive investment portfolio with potential investors and clients.

Comprise provided several recommendations to increase the visibility of Cliintel’s upcoming capital raising fund and advance its status as a thought leader and trusted source of capital strategy and corporate governance. Utilizing the company’s 100 years of combined experience in cannabis, technology, brewing, venture capital, publicly traded stocks, sports betting and other vice industries, Comprise developed a comprehensive communications strategy focused on amplifying Cliintel’s expertise in related markets.

Combining PR, content development and website support, Comprise helped support Cliintel’s efforts to grow its fund’s value through strategic management and the securement of additional capital for its portfolio companies.

cliintel email signature mockup
cliintel power point mockup

The Results

The combination of our branding, web design, strategy and PR expertise helped elevate Cliintel’s brand perception and visibility. The people-driven venture capital firm saw a whopping 25% increase in new monthly visitors to the new website in the three months following its launch. This traffic continued to increase, with the Cliintel Capital site seeing a 78% increase in traffic year over year.

Leveraging proven experience and relationships in the legal cannabis and tech startup spaces, our reactive news searching and relevant pitching efforts drove significant media coverage. Comprise secured 19 separate pieces of media coverage with an average domain authority of 62. Our PR efforts also helped drive more than 485,000 views for various articles across the web.

Comprise won the 2022 Marcom Gold Award in the Design Category for the new Cliintel logo, further positioning Cliintel Capital as a proven cannabis sector thought leader committed to empowering founders from ideation to launch. Our work led to Cliintel Capital features in the following notable publications:

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