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Growcentia®, a Colorado-based biological ag-tech parent company overseeing the Mammoth® and Mammoth Garden® soil brands, partnered with Comprise to develop a communications program supporting its entrance into the commercial agricultural market. An established leader in the cannabis industry, Growcentia sought to refresh its messaging to support its extensive product line expansion of biological and nature-based growing solutions for growers of all types of crops. Backed by advanced science, Growcentia desired to amplify its technological advancements through content that resonates with cannabis growers as well as horticulturalists, farmers and gardeners.

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The Work

Comprise worked with Growcentia to form and execute a comprehensive communications campaign integrating various tactics, including messaging development, public relations, content creation, paid and organic social media strategy, graphic design, and website design and development.

To kick things off, Comprise developed internal and external messaging to build a strong foundation for Growcentia’s corporate umbrella and reduce potential brand confusion surrounding the parent company and its Mammoth-related products.

Next, Comprise implemented a multipronged public relations, media relations and investor relations plan to position Growcentia as a company with high-profit potential and aggressive national and international growth plans in the cannabis, home and garden, horticulture, and agriculture industries. Leveraging planned news announcements, customer success stories and the proven expertise of the company’s three founders — Ph.D. soil microbiologists from Colorado State University — Comprise generated positive media coverage and increased awareness of the technology company and its natural, sustainable solutions. Staying true to the task of delivering effective messaging that appeals to all growers, Comprise repurposed contributed articles, podcasts and interviews into social media-friendly content pieces to further amplify the company’s online presence, maximize earned media coverage and drive consumers to Mammoth-related product sites.

Finally, our creative and content development teams collaborated to build the main Growcentia site and ensure it provides consumers with seamless access to all Growcentia brands (Mammoth and Mammoth Garden). The website development process began with an extensive audit of the current Growcentia websites to identify opportunities to improve design, content and technical elements. Then, Comprise formed the new website’s information architecture and provided recommendations for internal linking strategies to make relevant content more accessible to site users.

Our content team developed updated company messaging and website copy that implemented strategic keywords and aligned with the creative team’s wireframe. Utilizing the Growcentia and Mammoth brand guidelines, Comprise formed the site structure and implemented colors, typography, iconography and photography chosen by Growcentia. In the website development phase, Comprise structured the site for e-commerce functionality, newsletter integration, image optimization and SEO.

The Results

The effective combination of our branding, web design, strategy and PR expertise helped elevate Growcentia’s brand awareness and consumer engagement. Leveraging significant experience and relationships in the cannabis, environmental tech and local Colorado spaces, our reactive news searching and relevant pitching efforts drove significant media coverage. In the first three months of our public relations engagement, Comprise secured 22 separate pieces of media coverage with an average domain authority of 55. Our PR efforts also helped drive nearly 500,000 views across various industry-leading publications, including:

The ag-tech leader saw an impactful 11.77% increase in views of the new website in the six months following its launch. In the six months after the website’s launch, Growcentia also observed a 20.77% increase in new users from organic searches. Before the website redesign, the Growcentia site managed 264 pages on a single domain. To enhance the site’s user experience and SEO performance, Comprise successfully split the site into three separate domains for Growcentia’s products. As a result of this split, Comprise reduced the total page count for the primary Growcentia domain by 78%.

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