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INO Technologies, an innovative company dedicated to bringing smart technology products to market that are easy to use and provide superior performance, tapped Comprise to create a comprehensive public relations program surrounding the launch of the feature-rich INO Weather Pro, the first handheld device that combines weather data with lightning detection.

INO Technologies

Our Work

Comprise coordinated our media relations program to coincide with the launch of the INO Weather Pro. With targeted outreach in various verticals, Comprise also developed news releases, an educational blog post and informative landing page copy to help build initial awareness of the product during its introduction. Additionally, Comprise coordinated the distribution of several demo units to key editors and influencers to review the device and conduct field tests. Beyond traditional media relations, Comprise developed contributed content to position the founder of INO Technologies as a thought leader in the industry, resulting in coverage in key verticals.

The Results

As a result of the product launch, the INO Weather Pro was reviewed by and received coverage in several key industry-specific, national and local publications, including Construction Executive, The Denver Post, BizWest, Angling Trade, Building Design+Construction and DigitalTrends.

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