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The National Content & Technology Cooperative, or NCTC, enlisted Comprise to revamp and redesign its website, catering to independent broadband and TV communication services providers. The original site included member access, a supplier directory and general company information, but NCTC sought a more visually appealing website that is easier for stakeholders to navigate and access various resources and tools. NCTC also desired to refresh its existing content to more effectively communicate the company’s story and why broadband and TV service providers should join the cooperative.

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Our Work

Providing an increasingly user-friendly interface, Comprise successfully migrated the website from Joomla to WordPress, a new content management system. This transition enabled us to leverage WordPress’ reliable support, versatility, third-party system integration and extensive functionality to enhance the website’s features and create a unique online presence for NCTC. We also embarked on a comprehensive restructuring and design overhaul, incorporating contemporary web design trends to optimize the user experience — whether for NCTC members or partners. Working closely with NCTC, we refined functionality, streamlined workflows and leveraged tools and plug-ins to ensure a seamless content migration.

Our content development team conducted a thorough audit to assess the quality, relevance and effectiveness of existing content — adding to, removing or repurposing the content as necessary. By crafting clear and concise content and optimizing readability, we’ve helped users more easily navigate the site and find valuable information.

The Results

Before the redesign, NCTC’s website featured 800-plus pages. As part of our commitment to improving user experience, Comprise successfully reduced the page count by 75%. Additional notable NCTC website enhancements include custom member dashboards, an improved supplier directory with better organization, an overall elevated design and optimized user experience. These enhancements resulted in increases of .79% and 41.51% in the total number of website views and the number of views per user, respectively. This successful redesign project earned Comprise a Web Excellence Award, recognizing our exceptional work in the Website | Non-Profit category.

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