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The Institute of Real Estate Management is committed to sharing real-world knowledge with commercial and residential property and asset managers to advance real estate management. The Colorado chapter, wielding nearly 10 years of experience and learning working with the legal cannabis industry, understands that as the world of real estate continues growing and evolving, it can address the most dynamic challenges facing real estate professionals, including the increasing intersection of real estate and the cannabis industry. To address this emerging trend, IREM tasked Comprise with the planning and execution of the National Real Estate & Cannabis Summit — a one-day educational event convening experts from the real estate and cannabis industries in Denver to discuss the nation’s fastest-growing industry in a new age of expanding cannabis legalization.

Our Work

We kicked off with the IREM team, conceiving different ways the organization could share its wealth of knowledge surrounding the opportunities and challenges presented by the legalization of cannabis and its impact on the real estate market. After landing on the NREC Summit, our efforts focused on ensuring IREM’s message reached a broad audience and generated meaningful impact.

Comprise developed the summit’s name and logo, designed all event collateral, drove public relations and assisted with other elements of attendee marketing, including crafting email marketing campaigns, speaker videos, website landing and registration pages, and strategic messaging to help IREM connect with stakeholders, build awareness and drive attendance for the event.

We also researched, recommended and recruited all speakers — without paying any speakers fees — saving IREM thousands of dollars. The keynote address was delivered by David Blake, the former Colorado Deputy Attorney General primarily responsible for drafting some of the state’s initial recreational cannabis legislation, much of which guides Colorado’s cannabis industry to this day.

Finally, we created the outline for the day’s presentations to help IREM share knowledge and empower real estate professionals to navigate the real estate and cannabis industries and their coexistence.

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The Results

Attracting nearly 200 attendees from across the nation, the NREC Summit delivered exceptional results in adequately preparing the real estate industry to tackle the challenges that come with leasing to those who cultivate, sell or use cannabis or adjacent products.

The initial event was so successful, in fact, that IREM tapped Comprise to host the summit again the following year — but virtually due to the negative impact of the pandemic. Adapting and applying its vast PR, digital marketing, content development and creative design expertise to the reality of the global pandemic, Comprise created an engaging and interactive three-day online event that delivered the same high-quality educational and networking opportunities as the in-person event.

By bringing together experts from both the real estate and cannabis industries for these groundbreaking events, Comprise enabled IREM to foster collaboration, build knowledge and shape the future of the real estate market.

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