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State-of-the-art cybersecurity firm OWL Cybersecurity tapped Comprise to develop a robust public relations strategy that allowed us to support the company’s goal of becoming the go-to source for commentary on cybersecurity and data breaches as it underwent a rebrand.

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Our Work

With something as serious as cybersecurity, Comprise felt it was important to develop a PR strategy plan that established key OWL staff as thought leaders in the industry. Some of our tactics included developing key foundational items, establishing credibility and attracting more prospects by updating OWL Cybersecurity’s website content, establishing or leveraging relationships with media influencers — reporters, producers and bloggers — to promote the company, drafting powerful case studies and pitching appropriate OWL Cybersecurity personnel to provide insight on topics relating to cybersecurity, data breaches and the darknet.

The Results

As a result of our public relations strategy, we were able to assist OWL Cybersecurity through a successful rebrand and helped set the company up as the go-to source for commentary on cybersecurity and data breaches. During the course of our engagement, Comprise has helped OWL Cybersecurity secure coverage and offer expert commentary in a number of publications, including The Denver Post, FedScoop, techrockies, Fox 31 News, TechTarget and PYMNTS.com.

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