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When we began working with Phase Change Software, the team had just recently patented anAI software tool that identifies bugs within lines of code and closes the application knowledge gap. Phase Change’s AI technology exponentially improves software development productivity by guiding new developers to the exact place in the code where changes are needed. Phase Change’s first product, COBOL Colleague, allows companies to focus developers on what can bring the most value — making code changes. Due to COBOL Colleague’s highly technical and sophisticated nature, many potential clients and reporters struggled to fully understand the technology behind it and the benefits the solution provides since it does not apply artificial intelligence in the way most people think about it. Phase Change tapped our communications services to effectively communicate COBOL Colleague’s benefits in an easy-to-understand manner.

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Our Work

During the pandemic, the COBOL skills shortage gained national attention as unemployment systems running on COBOL crashed, so Comprise began developing strategies to gain reporters’ interest in this unique tool. We pitched into the ongoing story, highlighting how AI tools like COBOL Colleague can be leveraged to enable developer productivity and minimize the risks software developers and programmers face when making code changes to complex critical systems, quickly discovering reporter interest in the challenge of application knowledge, the potential behind AI and the solution Phase Change Software’s COBOL Colleague provides. In addition to securing interviews with various outlets, we developed thought leadership content focusing on the following topics:

  • How AI can solve the developer shortage
  • How AI tools can increase developer productivity
  • The deficiencies of code search and static and dynamic analysis tools
  • How AI addresses the “knowledge problem” vs. a skills shortage
  • Combining developer knowledge with AI to improve software maintenance

The Results

Although telling Phase Change’s story was not easy since the topics of artificial intelligence and software development can be complex, we found success with clear and concise website messaging, informative thought leadership articles and reactive news searches that led us to reporters covering related and relevant topics. As a result of Comprise’s creative pitching and content development efforts, we helped the Phase Change team obtain coverage positioning Steve Brothers, president of Phase Change, as a thought leader in several renowned outlets, including TechRadar Pro, TechChannel, GovTech, BetaNews, Built In, CIO Dive and Nextgov.

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