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Comprise was selected to help launch the first officially licensed line of portable solar products by Energizer®, the lightweight and durable PowerKeep line. The first Energizer-branded line of solar products includes a portable power system, recharging kit and two backpacks designed to keep smartphones, tablets and other rechargeable devices going and going.

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Our Work

Comprise aided the PowerKeep team with formulating the company and product messaging, establishing and developing the company’s social media, conducting all public relations efforts, and designing a website and product packaging to help the company launch and market the PowerKeep line of portable solar products.

Our in-house creative team designed and developed beautiful and informative product packaging and an easy-to-navigate website that included e-commerce functionality, enabling our client to start selling their innovative line of consumer solar products online. We also helped the company with professional product and lifestyle photography and collaborated with online influencers and gear reviewers to promote the products through real-world use cases. In addition to company and product messaging and news releases, Comprise assisted with the development of email newsletter marketing campaigns and website and social media copy as well.

The Results

The social media profiles, website, and PR and content development services helped Energizer® successfully launch the PowerKeep line of portable solar products and established the foundation for the company to continue communicating the features and benefits of the PowerKeep line as the world transitions to a greener, cleaner energy future.

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