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Stratom is a leading developer of uncrewed ground vehicles and autonomous robotic systems for commercial and defense applications. The company needed help boosting its digital profile and generating buzz around its innovations and how they help solve difficult logistics and operational challenges.

Comprise started collaborating with Stratom initially with website design and digital marketing initiatives. Within a couple of years, Stratom expanded its partnership with us, adding our public relations services alongside our existing digital and creative offerings to drive growth in an increasingly competitive industry.

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Our Work

We started by building Stratom’s website from scratch, developing effective keyword-rich copy to increase SEO and enhance website readability and visibility.

The next step involved creating a strategic PR campaign highlighting the benefits of Stratom’s autonomous and robotic solutions. By focusing on company successes, tapping into thought leadership conversations and taking advantage of trade shows and events, the team generated traction through interviews, speaking and podcast opportunities, contributed articles, award wins and more.

Comprise spotlighted Stratom’s partnerships, like the collaboration with Imenco to increase offshore refueling safety, efficiency and sustainability, and the company’s innovations, like the AATS, APL, Summit, SALT and RAPID, showcasing how these solutions support logistics and operations across various terrains and environments. The campaign successfully increased brand awareness and ensured key industry stakeholders understand how Stratom’s solutions address critical real-world problems.

Comprise continues to help Stratom with PR and maintain the Stratom website, optimizing the site for performance, search engine rankings and user experience.

Stratom website before redesign BEFORE
Stratom website after redesign AFTER
presentation of letterhead, business card and the Stratom website on multiple devices (a phone, laptop and tablet)

THe Results

Thanks to Comprise’s PR efforts, Stratom was named the Unmanned Guided Vehicle (UGV) Solution of the Year in the 2023 SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards and included on Fast Company’s 2024 most innovative robotics companies list. Stratom also credits Comprise for various new business opportunities, with our work catalyzing numerous new and significant customer wins.

The company was also regularly featured in top-tier outlets in line with its military, robotics and mining target audiences, including regular coverage in Defense Daily, Inside Defense, Army Recognition, The Robot Report, Robotics 24/7, Robotics Tomorrow and Mining Magazine. This industry-specific coverage significantly boosted Stratom’s brand recognition and demonstrated how its autonomous and robotic solutions help modernize logistics and operations for the defense and commercial sectors.

In one year alone, the new Stratom site attracted 10,000 new visitors, adding to the nearly 73,000 since its launch, reflecting strong engagement from niche defense and commercial markets. We also completed technical fixes that improved the site’s health to 95%.

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