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TranS1, a medical device company, was salvaged from the bankruptcy of its parent company, Baxano Medical. Quandary Medical, the purchasing company of TranS1, and its proprietary surgical offering, AxiaLIF, faced the difficult task of proving its worthiness as a go-to spinal surgery option at the L5-S1 vertebrae. The health care technology company hired Comprise to develop a two-pronged media relations campaign:

  1. The first campaign goal was to reintroduce the company as worthwhile, positive and relevant among groups of surgeons, notable spinal publications and other relevant media.
  2. The second goal was to reintroduce the company to the top surgical groups in the nation and influence them to produce peer-reviewed studies to present to insurance companies for coverage.
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Our Work

The public relations campaign began by reintroducing TranS1 and AxiaLIF to the press and immediately positioned the company as one that could “rise from the ashes” and rebuild. Initially, the PR team contacted the journalists who covered the Baxano Medical bankruptcy, gaining editorial pieces announcing the company’s salvage, highlighting the fact that it was clearly “worth saving.”

Next, the campaign targeted the top spinal surgeons in the country who have previously performed the AxiaLIF procedure and created the Association for Pre-Sacral Spinal Surgeons (APSS). From there, we began developing marketing emails and other materials and planning events for this group of surgeons to interact, compare notes and generally support one another.

Among the APSS members, the PR team was able to gather a group of five surgeons to commit to forming a TranS1 advisory board. Members of this board agreed to speak openly to the press in support of TranS1 and also developed studies and writings for textbooks educating the next generation of spinal surgeons.

The Results

Comprise formed invaluable relationships with surgeons who have publicly supported reimbursement of TranS1’s AxiaLIF through press interviews, news release quotes, and textbook chapters. We also managed to generate more than 23 positive pieces published about both TranS1 and AxiaLIF.

Most importantly, the PR team made significant headway regarding insurance coverage. TranS1 has received coverage from Medicare as well as Category One coverage. In only five months, our PR efforts managed to turn a company that was bankrupt and dying into one of the most innovative, covered and touted medical device companies on the market.

“Comprise invaluably communicated TranS1’s major successes to key consumers and leaders in the market for spinal fusion. Other industry players regularly comment on how we always seem to be front of mind.”

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