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Western Disposal, a Boulder, Colorado-based company offering residential and commercial trash, recycling and composting services, tasked Comprise with executing various communications initiatives focused on empowering the local, family-owned business to focus on its core business activities, demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship and educate the community about the importance of proper waste disposal, recycling and composting.

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Our Work

Our efforts kicked off with updating the Western Disposal company website to better focus on day-to-day business objectives, increase user-friendliness and condense content. Western wanted a website design refresh emphasizing a few specific customer options — company phone number, bill pay links, drop-off information — and business objectives throughout the site. With this project, we weren’t starting from scratch in the design process and quickly gained an understanding of the company’s established brand standards and their objectives for the website redesign.

Since the initial website redesign, we’ve also assisted the residential and commercial trash, recycling and compost collection service provider with the following services:

  • Additional website design and development, including building and integrating a new website chatbot feature and custom plug-in
  • Content development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Print ad design
  • Social media marketing (SMM) and search engine marketing (SEM) ad design
  • Email and print newsletter redesign
  • Infographic design
  • Compost guideline branding

The Results

To emphasize the company phone number, bill pay links and drop-off information while remaining true to the client’s established brand standards, the website redesign focused on simplifying the page design, reorganizing content in a way that was easier for users to navigate and search and updating some administrative options on the backend to make it easier for the client to manage website content moving forward.Leveraging new user experience data and updated service information, additional website design and development efforts prioritized further combining and cutting down content to streamline the site experience for users. We injected SEO keyword-rich content throughout important pages and recommended sections to merge or delete so that users could easily find the right information on the right page.The new chatbot makes quickly contacting customer services easier for site visitors, and the custom-built plug-in enables current customers to easily look up and download their pick-up schedule. Our SEM and SMM ads for Western prioritized boosting sales for both roll-off rental sand Western’s new junk removal services, while the print ads involved a Comprise-directed photoshoot to include in local magazines.

western disposal homepage image BEFORE
western disposal home page screenshot image AFTER
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