Comprise’s President Launches “PR is Dead” Podcast on Rainmaker.FM

Doyle Albee, president of Metzger Albee Public Relations, recently launched the first episode of his bi-weekly podcast, called PR is Dead, on the Rainmaker.FM podcast network from Copyblogger Media. 

“I’m sure it sounds strange for the president of a public relations agency to host a podcast called ‘PR is Dead,’ but our goal is to drive home the point that a series of press releases isn’t enough to drive a successful PR program any longer,” said Albee. “Today’s reporters, editors and bloggers are covering more beats, have more responsibilities and fewer resources than ever before. The key today is to find ways to join conversations with an expert, helpful and timely point-of-view,” he added.

In the first episode Doyle discusses both why PR is dead (it isn’t, but traditional programs are) and talk about making yourself an expert in modern media.

While Albee agrees news releases and other traditional tactics can continue to play a role in today’s PR toolbox, it’s important to realize they’re not the only tool. The PR is Dead podcast will explore other ideas — ranging from contributed content to infographics to surveys — as well as to discuss what reporters need from today’s PR professional through interviews and conversations.  

“News rooms continue to shrink while an incredibly diverse media market continues to look for  analysis and trend stories as well as subject-matter experts to provide comment and analysis, as well as to develop content and join conversations,” said Albee.

Rainmaker.FM, a relatively new podcast network that was launched in March 2015, delivers digital business and marketing advice daily. It currently airs over twenty individual podcast episodes per week, highlighting the latest insights on creating digital products and services, content marketing, SEO, conversion, design, mobile, and social media.