Carey Mason

DEI Consultant

Carey Mason is the Founder/CEO of DEI4BIZ, helping companies transform diversity, equity, and inclusion into the most catalytic ingredients of business growth strategy. Carey assists businesses to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives into their business operations and culture.

Prior to starting his consulting practice, Carey served as Division Vice-President for the ADP Western Region managing a $500M P&L and growing the business 11% year-over-year for 3 years. Starting in 1992, Carey advocated for DEI initiatives at ADP early and often, most of which had limited success. In 2008, Carey leveraged his past experiences to successfully create the first Southeast African American Employee Resource Group (SAARG). Under Carey’s leadership, SAARG grew to support more than 365 associates in 8 regional offices. Carey’s successful model became the blueprint for similar employee resource groups developed to support Hispanic, Asian and LGBTQ associates.

Carey supports several non-profits including the Boulder Chamber of Commerce, Break Through, the Community Foundation of Boulder County, Cultivate NGO, Colorado Springs Downtown Partnership, EforAll, Fertile Ground, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Out Boulder County, Salute Colorado and TGTHR.

Carey received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kentucky, his Master of Arts degree from the Ohio State University, and his Diversity Management Practitioner Certification from Cornell University.