We Do the Hard Stuff: 10 Website Essentials For Your Online Success

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With 75% of CMOs feeling heightened pressure to “do more with less” this year — yet 86% believe they must enact significant changes to achieve sustainable growth — now is the time for you to think about how to win with your website in the year ahead.

Just a few years ago, websites with flashy functionality and design appeals that look great and jump off the screen were sufficient. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. In today’s digital world, a website that fails to effectively communicate what that business does — and why you should care — will be left behind. In the race for online attention, you can bet your competitors are looking to improve their websites in 2024.

But building a website that looks beautiful, functions as it should and achieves your organization’s goals is hard. We get it. With so many technical considerations and moving parts, creating a winning website can quickly become overwhelming. That’s where we come in, proudly doing “the hard stuff” in website design and development, empowering you to focus on what your business does best.

The Comprise Way™: Ensuring You Don’t Worry About Your Website

As a results-driven communications agency, we believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about your website. Our team of website designers and developers, copywriters and communications professionals takes a comprehensive approach to every website project, handling every detail to drive your online success. We don’t just build visually appealing websites — we build sites optimized for your audiences and business objectives.

Our goal is simple: to create a hassle-free website that seamlessly supports your brand and generates the results that matter. Too often, website design and development firms will try to wow you with unnecessary bells and whistles that distract visitors from taking the action you want them to in an attempt to show off their skills. We handle the challenging communications and coding problems so you don’t have to worry about whether your website is doing its job.

“The Hard Stuff”: Website Considerations You Shouldn’t Have to Worry About

From sketching out the site map to launching the site through ongoing maintenance, Comprise’s client-centric website services consider the elements that many others overlook.

1) Domain and Secure Hosting

The foundation of a successful website, a reliable domain and secure hosting help ensure your website is accessible 24/7. We help clients choose a reliable hosting provider that suits their specific needs, considering factors like expected traffic, security requirements, backups and budget.

2) Choosing the Right CMS (Content Management System)

Selecting the correct CMS can help you streamline the process of creating, managing and modifying your site content — typically without too much technical knowledge. Due to its user-friendly interface, scalability, extensive plug-in ecosystem and community support, WordPress is our go-to CMS.

3) Analytics Setup and Reporting: Turning Data into Action

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so we set every website up for analytics and reporting, empowering clients to gather data, glean helpful insights and make informed decisions.

4) Complying with Accessibility Standards

From legal and ethical requirements to inclusivity, accessibility is a fundamental aspect of website development that is not at the forefront of most website project discussions. We prioritize the creation of websites that are accessible to all.

5) Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design

Recognizing responsive design and mobile-friendliness provide an optimal experience across different screen sizes, we prioritize mobile-friendly design to improve user experiences on various devices.

6) Search Engine Optimization: Boosting Online Visibility

On-site search engine optimization, or SEO, helps search engines (like Google, Bing or Yahoo) determine what websites are about so that people can find their content online. We bake SEO in from the beginning, helping drive qualified traffic.

7) Guiding Your Audience with Information Architecture and Navigation to Convert Brand Heat into Customers

Well-planned information architecture and site navigation help visitors find what they need and convert. Our experienced team understands user-centered design to create intuitive menus and navigation bars that escort users to the content they need.

We don’t just help you garner attention — we streamline the path from interest to action. By blending industry best practices with behavioral science insights, we help guide visitors from initial engagement to loyal customers.

8) Multilingual Capabilities

In today’s global market, communicating with only one audience is not enough when the ability to reach international users opens the doors to a more extensive, diverse and global audience. Offering your website in multiple languages demonstrates your commitment to inclusivity and makes your website content accessible to a broader spectrum of potential customers.

9) Powering Online Sales with E-Commerce Functionality

By building and integrating custom e-commerce functionalities tailored to your products and customers into your website, our development team equips your team with the tools necessary to sell effectively online.

10) Integrated Communications for a Cohesive Brand Message

Aligning communication strategies from the website to social media to news releases to industry publications ensures each client’s website is a critical component in their communications strategy, contributing to a complete and compelling brand image.

Comprise: “The Hard Stuff,” Mastered

When it comes to your website, good enough needs to be so much more. That’s why we do the hard stuff so you don’t have to. Going well beyond aesthetics and functionality, we recognize the pivotal role of integrated communications in establishing an online presence that lets you focus on what your business does best.

Ready to talk about how we can do the hard stuff for your website?

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