Assessing the Boulder Symphony & Music Academy Website Redesign Project Plan

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Comprise recently collaborated with the Boulder Symphony & Music Academy on a comprehensive rebranding project encompassing the organization’s visual identity and website. In 2023, the Boulder Symphony & Music Academy proudly unveiled its new logo to the public, followed by the launch of its revamped website. And I can tell you firsthand that there’s nothing like being part of that creative process: designing and then developing a new website and seeing it through to completion.

The primary objective of the branding redesign initiative was to effectively convey the symphony and academy’s deep-rooted connection with the Boulder community while incorporating music-centric visual elements. The redesigned logo artfully combines the iconic backdrop of Boulder, represented by the Flatirons, with subtle references to the harp and piano.
the new Boulder Symphony logo with orchestrating the unexpected tagline AFTER
Boulder Symphony logo before the redesign with orchestrating the unexpected tagline BEFORE
Before executing our website redesign project plan, the symphony and the music academy maintained separate sites, necessitating double the site maintenance. The website redesign project addressed three key goals:  
  1. Integrating the two existing sites into a unified platform.
  2. Streamlining the site architecture.
  3. Enhancing the visual appeal and user experience.

Our website redesign strategy to accomplish these goals

First, we looked at the information architecture for each site and determined how to combine them into one while maintaining the integrity of the two programs. The site now shows the symphony’s programs seamlessly on one site.

Second, by starting with the information architecture, we not only seamlessly combined the two sites but also reorganized the content, providing easy navigation and accessibility to various sections. Plus, we added an easy scroll feature so visitors can explore different sections that highlight upcoming events, concerts and performances.

With these changes, the website effectively captures the essence of the symphony’s mission and community engagement, providing information about its educational programs, partnerships, and outreach initiatives. The site now features a user-friendly interface, allowing users to conveniently access concert schedules, purchase tickets and learn more about the talented musicians and conductors associated with the Boulder Symphony.

Lastly, we enhanced the visual appeal by including a more elegant design that incorporates the new brand and updated photos and videos to further engage visitors and provide a glimpse into the symphony’s world-class performances.

“This is fabulous site! Thank you so much for your attention to detail — and for creating a new look, design and portal to draw people into the Boulder Symphony community!”
Devin Patrick Hughes
founder and conductor
Adhering to a well-thought-out rebrand and website redesign project plan, the enhanced Boulder Symphony brand and updated website successfully showcase the organization’s uniquely enriching programming and educational offerings. As a Boulder-based company, we’re proud to support the Boulder Symphony & Music Academy in delivering an immersive and informative online experience for both existing concertgoers and students and new audiences potentially interested in advancing our community’s unique music scene.

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