Landing the Media Coverage that Moves Clients’ Businesses Forward

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While 2021 may have been a lot of things as we navigated COVID 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0, one thing it was not — light in the news department, particularly for our clients. Comprise’s efforts in 2021 resulted in more than 1,000 media hits across 20-plus clients. On average, that is nearly three pieces of coverage per day!Seeing our clients obtain coverage and reach their brand awareness goals is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. Our clients’ stories were picked up by publications ranging from local to international scale, including outlets targeting niche industries and large, top-tier publications with a broad audience. One thing to keep in mind, every client has different goals, which means targeting different publications. Here are some examples:As a startup, our client Zaiser Motors needed a significant number of hits to reach a broad audience in order to achieve the company’s initial fundraising goals. We executed pitching efforts that earned 98 pieces of coverage in outlets from Maxim to AutoEvolution to Forbes, helping raise $50,000 in only two months’ time.Our client CableLabs announced specs and DOCSIS updates and was looking to build awareness. Therefore, we implemented an effective strategy to help boost their announcements, helping earn a total of 340 pieces of coverage for CableLabs and their subsidiaries on the topics ranging between DOCSIS, 10G, technology and the cable industry.Phase Change Software was looking to improve its positioning in the space of software development. As a result of Comprise’s creative pitching and content development efforts, we obtained 11 pieces of coverage with an average of 5.06 million views, positioning Steve Brothers, president of Phase Change, as a thought leader. Several of the renowned outlets that covered Phase Change include TechRadar Pro, TechChannel, GovTech, BetaNews, Built In, CIO Dive and Nextgov.Our pro bono clients, the Boulder Symphony and Yoga Pod, were looking for local coverage. We accomplished the job by securing each organization’s articles in publications like Boulder Daily Camera and BizWest.The reason we are able to obtain so much coverage isn’t just that we sent out a news release via a news distribution service – that isn’t earned media. While a news release can help customers find your company via Google, loading your news release to wire services like PR Newswire or Businesswire will not guarantee media coverage. We believe the key to valuable coverage happens by creating meaningful stories that reporters and editors want to hear more about.

Creating Meaningful Media Coverage

Our success in obtaining media coverage for our clients didn’t just happen by accident. Those media hits are the result of countless hours of understanding our clients and merging their message with what reporters believe will resonate with their audiences. How do we go about this?

Step 1) Listen to the Client

One of our jobs when working with a customer is to listen. What are our clients’ goals, what can they bring to the conversation in their industry (e.g., expertise, data or both) and what audience(s) are they targeting?

Once you know this information, you can develop quality media lists, collect editorial calendars and brainstorm targeted pitches that will garner interest from a reporter.

Step 2) Understand the Content Reporters Want

By establishing relationships with reporters, you learn things that can help your chances of getting coverage (e.g., certain months that may be harder for an editor to fill or that a media outlet is lacking expertise in a particular area of industry). When you have this information, you can respond with targeted pitches and content that meets both your client’s goals and the media outlet’s needs. Then, when you’ve come through for a reporter multiple times, they’ll start coming to you for your expertise in the future.

Step 3) Jump on Opportunities

Whether a reporter reaches out to request an interview or the news cycle suddenly lands on your client’s industry, PR professionals need to capitalize on these opportunities. Many of our clients were covered because they were able to offer timely insight into news stories affecting their industry in real time.At Comprise, we believe the best way to gain meaningful coverage isn’t to just put a press release into the universe and hope someone notices. The 1,000-plus pieces of coverage that Comprise generated in 2021 demonstrates the understanding and dedication our PR team puts toward each and every client — and their unique stories.

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