The Comprise Way to a Winning Website 

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Do you want to know how your website can go from benchwarmer to most valuable player in the battle for audience attention in today’s competitive digital space? Just like in sports, where skills, strategy and performance define champions, a website should aim for a similar level of excellence to help your business achieve its goals.

Today, a “winning website” is about so much more than looking pretty. A modern, high-performing website drives real wins for your business, but the website game has changed dramatically in the last decade or so. As such, any site’s success in the face of stiff competition depends on an all-star team with strategic insights and technical skills to build, optimize and manage your online presence.

Whether your organization needs to generate leads, drive sales or convert customers, you need a modern, mobile-friendly website designed and optimized by experts to effectively reach your target audience and score goals. That’s the Comprise Way™!

Comprise’s Winning Website Playbook

Our integrated approach to website design and development considers the following key elements to ensure your website works well for you and your audience so you can focus on what your business does best:

Content development: Compelling content that captivates your audience is key to engaging them and motivating them to take the action you desire.

Branding: Since your website is often a visitor’s first impression of your company’s identity, we ensure every element aligns with your brand’s visual and messaging guidelines.

Social media: In today’s interconnected digital landscape, recognizing how your website and apps that allow users to create and share content or socially interact work together to drive brand engagement is essential.

Digital marketing: When search, email or other marketing campaigns drive traffic to your site, is your website helping pay off the claims about your products or services and compelling users to take action?

Public relations: Your website serves as a vital point of reference for journalists and media professionals, so a professional and polished website can be the difference between securing that crucial interview or being overlooked in favor of competitors.

Ongoing hosting, maintenance, updates and optimization: Don’t worry about your website because we think about it for you! From hosting and maintenance to updates, ongoing optimization and whether generative AI tools scrub your website to train models, we do the hard stuff to ensure your website remains competitive, secure and efficient.

To maximize your website’s sales and marketing impact, we recommend showcasing a variety of content on your website, including:

  • Blog posts highlighting your expertise and demonstrating your industry knowledge.
  • Infographics to help communicate complicated concepts or display data in a more easily digestible format.
  • White papers that provide in-depth analysis or showcase your thought leadership and insight.
  • Award wins pointing to accolades your brand has received, reinforcing your credibility and excellence.
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers to help build trust and credibility in the eyes of potential clients or partners.

As the website game continues changing, incorporating different elements of our website playbook can help your company strategize, adapt and stay ahead of your competition.

Overtime: Additional Strategies for Website Success

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Cover Your Bases for Mobile

Websites have reshaped how businesses and their customers interact, so whether you’re building a new site or sprucing up an existing one, cover your bases by ensuring your website is accessible from all types of devices.

Now, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become the dominant players. With mobile web traffic worldwide nearing 60%, mobile-friendliness is the real MVP. Consequently, every successful website demands mobile functionality, with responsive and adaptive capabilities ensuring it displays correctly across devices. Complicating matters, mobile websites are generally limited and device screens are smaller, so design aesthetics aren’t as important as they once were. On mobile websites, slick designs should trail behind easy navigation and readability. While a visually striking website still plays a crucial role in digital marketing, a beautiful website design alone is not enough to get into the end zone.

Compliance: Staying in Bounds

As the game of online presence grows more regulated and structured, with compliance standards acting as referees on the field, complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards is not only a legal imperative (read: must have) in many cases but can also give your website a competitive advantage.

Inaccessible web content denies individuals with disabilities equal access to online information. Making your content accessible to individuals experiencing physical, psychological, developmental and intellectual conditions — visual, auditory or motor — should be a priority. Check out the ADA’s web accessibility recommendations, guidance and other resources to dive deeper.

Accessibility icons, wheelchair, visually impaired, accessibility, keyboard enabled, audio enabled

The Comprise team recognizes that “winning” isn’t just about scoring goals but experience and strategy. That’s why we’ve developed a playbook and additional strategies for creating and maintaining championship-caliber websites that generate brand heat and convert that into user actions that drive your sales forward.

Maximizing Your Website: The Comprise Way

While your website can be the star player advancing your online presence and business success, it must be much more than flashy. The Comprise Way to a winning website can help your business score big in sales, leads and conversions.

Our team of digital pros acts as your all-star lineup, handling everything from mobile-friendly design to integrated communications to ongoing optimization. Our tried-and-true playbook positions you to excel and create lasting impressions in the highly competitive online field.

Is your website game-ready?

Is your website game-ready? Are you prepared to win in the online arena? If you’re seeking the winning edge, get in the game with Comprise!

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