From Startup to Star: Denver’s Valyant AI is Hungry for Innovation

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With the growing labor shortages in the restaurant industry, Valyant AI has risen to the challenge in support of easing the ordering process at quick-service restaurants (QSR). Founded in 2017, this Denver-based startup has worked tirelessly to develop a conversational AI platform for the QSR industry.Also known as “Holly,” Valyant AI’s system integrates with existing mobile, web, call-ahead, kiosk and drive-thru platforms, freeing employees to spend more time focused on customers, which streamlines the customer experience, improves employee efficiency and helps address labor shortages, especially during peak times. The technology is not meant to replace humans but to augment employees’ workflow by automating some of their most stressful and time-consuming tasks, empowering them to tackle more thoughtful to-do’s. Valyant AI has raised $10.5 million over 4.5 years in support of their vision.Since 2019, Comprise has earned Valyant AI the recognition they deserve in publications like the New York Times, Denver Business Journal, The Washington Post, QSR Magazine and many others. The restaurant industry is experiencing post-COVID transitions that are complex and vast, but one thing is certain: We cannot stop innovating.

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