I Want a Cubicle, Seriously

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Working from home, a coffee shop or other locale has become more acceptable and even expected for some employees. Staying connected is easy, so why not blow a morning working at a coffee roaster, right? For me though, the concept seems nice but doesn’t quite stack up to the actual workplace.

I like working at the office for a few reasons:

1. The people I need stuff from are usually at the office.  A comfortable chair and clean work space are at my disposal. Have you ever tried to work at a coffee shop and put your computer on a not so clean table barely big enough for a toddler’s tea party? Sure they have soft seating, but using a mouse on my leg is tricky.

2. Impromptu discussions about clients, projects and ideas occur much more easily in the office, and productivity can stay at a higher level.

3. Working from home blurs the line between work and not work. Leaving the office in the afternoon is an important transition in my day when I can look forward to getting home and on to my evening plans. There are times when I will need to attend to work-related tasks after hours, but for the most part, my work day is over when I leave the office.

There might be times when I look around and wish I didn’t have a desk job or could work whenever I want, but having a certain place and time to earn my paycheck is working out just fine for the most part.

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