The Broncos got Manning — We’re looking for a star of our own!

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Metzger is hiring. We do “traditional” PR, social media management, online and offline creative, help our clients with SEO and PPC and we build websites. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool place to work, and we’re looking for an Account Executive to join our team.

Our clients typically do “hard stuff” — we focus on companies that work in technology, telecommunications, social media, software, hardware… you get the idea. So, if you watch tech announcements like some people watch the Academy Awards, you’ll fit right in. If you know your way around the AP Stylebook as well as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, you’ll do just fine. If you think SEO means “Something Everyone Overlooks,” you might not be right for our team. Most importantly, you need to be able to delight our clients with innovative ideas, solid strategy and flawless execution. We think a successful candidate for this position will have between three and six years of high-tech PR agency experience with a demonstrable track record of success. If you read this post and yelled “that’s me!” then we want to hear from you. Soon!

Send us a resume ( Build a website and send us a link. Write a blog post that blows us away. Do something that stands out. Show off. That’s what we help our clients do every day. Got that gene? Show us. Surprise us. Make us say, “Whoa. Cool.” That’s how you earn a spot on our team.

Just one more thing: this is a job in Boulder, Colorado. We’re not looking for contract companies from other cities or other continents, or people that want to work from their home in Cleveland (nothing against Cleveland, it’s just not Boulder, geographically speaking). Such responses to this post will be printed out, tacked to our bulletin board and laughed at — so don’t be that guy.

We’re ready to meet you. Introduce yourself soon.

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