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Instagram pinch hitting for the New York Times?

Instagram made big news this week, and not for pictures of half-eaten Chipotle burritos. Once cited as “Twitter for people who can’t read,” the photo sharing platform made headlines, literally, with a picture of Alex Rodriguez that was taken with the app featured above the fold on the Sunday Edition of the New York Times.

What this means for Instagram: it’s not just for #thinspiration anymore. If a pic taken on an iPhone, even one taken by a pro, can make the cover of the NYT, who needs a camera? Is traditional photography (even) dead(er)? Or does this open the door for professional work from folks who can’t afford professional equipment?

What this means for the New York Times: Coming off of quite a few big hits, the Times is proving that ‘traditional’ doesn’t mean ‘antiquated’. Keeping the full-length feature alive online and bringing social media to the front page, the NYT is on time and on trend. And digital subscription numbers continue to rise two years after the paper introduced its paywall, proving that readers are willing to pay for quality journalism. And that they really love #earlybird.

Let’s see that one again!

Just kidding.

Kevin Ware suffered a compound fracture in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament sunday night when Louisville faced Duke in the Elite Eight. If you want to see the replay, that’s your call.

Coverage showed two slow-motion replays, and that was it. As medical teams got Ware off of the court, cameras focused on the reactions of Ware’s teammates and his emotional coach.  Powerful images.

“We made that decision on the fly,” said Sean McManus, chairman of CBS Sports. “We were in constant communication with the production truck and made the decision, no more replays, and no postgame replays. It was an easy decision because of the gruesome nature of the injury.”

The station has said that it won’t air the replay again, even during the Final Four this weekend, and that the replay isn’t journalistically important.

What this means for Kevin Ware: CBS’s call for journalistic integrity means he won’t ever get blindsided with a replay of the injury. I saw it once and that was enough for me. If you want to see it again, that’s up to you.

What this means for the Tarheels fans: let’s stay focused on the game – Duke lost. Louisville rallied for their injured teammate and took out the Blue Devils to secure a spot in the Final Four. That’s a win.

Will the Mavs draft Brittney Griner?

Probably not going to happen, but Mark Cuban is rumored to be interested in drafting Baylor’s (female) star forward. While using a draft pick on a female player wouldn’t likely be the best move for the Mavs, having her try out might be.

What this means for the summer league: lots and lots of ticket sales.

What this means for women’s basketball: If Brittney makes it in the NBA, the women’s league looks obsolete. If she doesn’t, the WNBA looks weak.

Best Case Scenario: Britt give the boys a run for their money and Cuban high ROI on his, but elevates the game in the WNBA next fall.

So, WTF?

Instagram is rolling with the big boys, Brittney Griner probably won’t be, and the only injuries I’d like to see more of are the Dookies’ busted brackets.

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