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Have you ever wanted to step inside a thriving Boulder business, learn about their mission and immerse yourself in their culture? You can do just that tomorrow at NewCo Boulder. What’s NewCo Boulder? It’s a fresh twist on the traditional business conference that offers a look inside 50+ companies that are changing the economic profile of Boulder. NewCo is a national event, and Boulder was one of just eight cities to host NewCO events last year, but there is double that amount this year, including five in other countries.

Attendees will choose their own adventure by creating personalized schedules to attend informational sessions hosted by a wide range of participating companies, from technology to cannabis to nonprofits, all offering a deep and unique experience to their successes. More than 50 of Boulder’s  founders and entrepreneurs will open their doors tomorrow to NewCo participants for one-hour experiential sessions where attendees can learn from the best entrepreneurs in an intimate setting, get a peek into new product development and innovations, and experience behind-the-scene tours of cutting edge work environments.

Compriseagency got involved in NewCo Boulder last year when Doyle Albee, Comprise president, was offered the opportunity to support the greater Boulder business community. Comprise strives to support the general business climate of Boulder however we can, and NewCo is a great opportunity for us to shine a light on the ever-changing public relations landscape. And since NewCo Boulder is still in the “ground floor” stage of its existence, it’s a way for us to give back by doing some public relations support for the event.

Boulder should be proud of the fact that we are the only metropolitan market that is hosting this event. Similar to our client, Jaipur Literature Festival, who looked at New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans and various other larger cities to host their first U.S. event, organizers chose Boulder because of our greater, overall collaborative community. There’s something special about this city, and it’s getting the attention of other national programs like NewCo. The program itself fits in with the Boulder ethos in that we are not a closed community. It’s not like you can just walk up to Google in any one of their campuses outside Boulder and just say “hi.” So, the fact that they’re opening their doors and participating in the Boulder community through NewCo is pretty cool. Every host company is taking the time to share their vision and methodologies. The number of companies participating, coupled with the number of people who signed up to attend, shows that the Boulder business community supports Boulderites and vise versa.

Comprise is proud to take part in the one-day festival for the second year. We will open our doors to the community at 1:00 p.m. to talk about how public relations has changed. In the true spirit of giving back to Boulder, we hope that people who come and see our presentation can actually walk out with the know-how to do some things on their own. Our hope is that people understand that PR does not mean press release. Doyle will talk about the facets of PR that are important, why they are important, the changing landscape of the media and why it’s “adapt or die” time.

“My greatest regret of being part of NewCo as a company is that it limits my time to be part of NewCo as a participant. I would love to go see more Boulder companies and I hope that people take advantage of this opportunity,” said Doyle Albee. We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the community to attend our one-hour session tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. Don’t forget to follow along on social media using the hashtag #NewCoBoulder and #BoulderPOV.

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