Nurturing Employee Growth at Comprise

Two Golden Retrievers, one puppy and one 3 years old, enjoying a day in the grass.
Maggie Mae (8 weeks) is growing like a weed, while Riley (3.5 years) is showing her the ropes.

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This week, my husband and I picked up our new puppy. Meet Maggie Mae (yup, like the Rod Stewart song, but not named this because of the Rod Stewart song). Right now, she’s got everything going for her to help her reach her full potential and beyond: a mom who nurtures her, a dad who trains her and her big sister, Riley, who’s “been there, done that.”

At the same time, Comprise™ announced its incredible growth in 2022. And it got me thinking that while running a business is obviously very different from raising “fur babies,” there are many things in common regarding caring for something you love to help it grow.

Supporting the Growth of Comprise

In the last year, the Comprise staff grew 44%. We had to. As our PR work grew and our clients utilized us for new services like social media and digital and creative work, we added several staff members in all areas.

There were times when the business was coming in so fast and furious we were onboarding a new employee every two weeks for about three months straight. To nurture this growth, we had to improve our employee and client onboarding and feed our team with the tools they need to be successful for our clients.

We added new positions to promote employees from within and new platforms to manage social media, research competitors and work with employees and their goals. These systems have helped us be more efficient and transparent to clients and employees.

Training Employees

As we grew, current employees also advanced in their careers within our agency. We needed to ensure they were growing as leaders in their roles and the company.

Some of our employees took leadership courses, presentation management and executive presence training, and others have ongoing one-on-one coaching. While this was happening, new PR employees began going through our PR training program to help educate employees on how we manage clients “The Comprise Way.” The investment back into our employees grew exponentially.

Leveraging Experience

Our leadership team alone has a combined 100-plus years of direct and related experience. Add in the rest of the company, and we are a force.

We leverage our staff’s history to mentor our up-and-coming staff, develop new processes, meet with prospective clients, and set and maintain the overall vision and tone for the company.

Having people who’ve “been there, done that” on staff is an incredibly valuable tool at our disposal that has aided in our growth in this last year.

Overall, our company has come a long way, which has been very exciting to watch (even if it keeps us on our toes)! This week, we announced in more detail the kind of growth we had in 2022. It all demonstrates our dedication to this company and our employees.

Last month, we met with the entire team and laid the foundation for 2023. I think it’s safe to say that we look forward to watching the company grow to its potential.

As for Maggie Mae, she’s got quite a bit of growth ahead of her, with training like walking on a leash, sleeping in a crate at night, going outside for the “bathroom” and much more. Our little family just hopes we can impart our wisdom so she grows into the great dog she’s meant to be. For those keeping track at home, I only had to pause this blog writing three times to let her outside! Progress compared to yesterday when I didn’t get to my blog assignment at all!

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