Proactive MD’s Dr. Kayur Patel Speaks on the Potential Challenges of Telehealth


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With the current state of the world, primary healthcare is more important than ever before. We’re so grateful we get to work with a company whose main goal is to help people improve their health outcomes by offering a better option for primary care. Proactive MD provides reduced healthcare costs by offering innovative direct primary care solutions. They aim to elevate the standard of primary care by consistently putting the patients’ needs first.

The American Medical Association recently called for an expansion of telehealth, leading to many conversations about the pros and cons of telehealth. Featured in this VeryWell Health article, Proactive MD’s chief medical officer, Kayur Patel, MD, FACP, MRO, FACHE, FACPE, FACEP, gives readers insight into how consistency of care can be a big challenge when it comes to telehealth. According to Patel, establishing a doctor-patient relationship is the foundation of quality care for most patients and is harder to obtain through telehealth services. If you want to learn more, please check out the article link above.

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