Say cheese… My Instagram experiment

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The saying “a picture is worth a 1,000 words” may now mean more brand success using the new, free photo-sharing application, Instgram . Yesterday afternoon, I read this article on American Express OPEN Forum, How Instagram Can Help Spread Your Beverage Brand’s Message.

My first thought was, “now I’m going to have to create yet another profile on another social network,” (and I’m still trying to figure out Google+). But, since I take numerous pictures at events for myself and for clients, why not give this a try?

We already know that photos and video receive a high number of clicks and views on social networks. Consumers are very visual.  My goal over the next month is to see if Instagram is effective in spreading my clients’ brand messages.

Lipton Brisk, Red Bull and Starbucks have all seen success.

This week I have two client events – iX Mixer, a mixer that helps prevent hangovers,  has been challenged by Denver Off the Wagon to prove its hangover claims on Thursday and MyHandleBar, a giant 16-person party bike, is having its End of Season Party on Saturday.

So I am off to try out this experiment. My goal is to see if Instagram aids in the social media awareness and engagement with MyHandleBar and iX Mixer.

Stay tuned — I will be posting my findings on Instagram later  this month.

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