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3 Copywriting Tips To Improve Your SEO and Boost Website Traffic

You’ve likely heard a lot about “SEO” in the last decade. An acronym that stands for “search engine optimization,” SEO is the process of improving a website so that search engines like Google, Bing and others rank it highly on their results pages, thereby improving its visibility. With better visibility on search engine results pages…

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Optimizing the User Experience: A tactical guide to SEO in 2021

As Comprise’s VP of Digital Services, I presented a webinar at this year’s Fort Collins Startup Week detailing what we know about Google’s Page Experience search algorithm update coming in May, how to find out if your website might be affected and what you can do right now to improve page experience for your site’s users.

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Fort Collins Startup Week Targets Flexibility and Local Expertise in 2021

In a normal year, right about now, Fort Collins Startup Week would be finalizing all of its speakers, venues and happy hours in time for the week-long event at the end of February. In fact, last year the event was probably one of the last big networking events entrepreneurs and startup founders in northern Colorado…

Does Your Website Need an Update? Six Factors to Help You Decide

How do you know when your website needs to be updated and how significant an undertaking that project might be? Based on our experience in helping clients improve their websites to support business goals, we’ve developed a list of six signs that indicate it’s time to devote some attention to improving your business’s website.

How Does PR Impact SEO? You’re Asking the Wrong Question.

This year, I attended my eighth (!!!) MozCon in Seattle. On the way to the convention center from the airport, my Lyft driver asked what brought me to town, and I told him I was attending one of the world’s largest and best conferences on search engine optimization. There was a thoughtful pause before he asked me, “how do you optimize search engines?”

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Digital Marketing From the Ground Up: A Workshop for Your Business

Running a business involves a host of responsibilities to make the company a success, including managing money, customers, technology and marketing. However, what goes into your website and your email outreach to your customers are probably among the most crucial areas, which also may be one of the most commonly overlooked or dismissed. Following a…