Today We Are Comprise

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“I want to reach the point where people hear my name and immediately think of real country music.”

– George Strait

While we’re not as interested as Mr. Strait in being known for country music, we do want people to hear our name and not immediately think we are only a traditional public relations firm. 

So today, we are excited to enter a new era as we become Comprise. Clearly, such a departure from the naming convention that defined us for more than 30 years was not taken lightly.

Why Comprise?

As we looked at our company, the services we provide and our aspirations moving forward, the name “MAPRagency” wasn’t effectively communicating our entire story. In fact, in some ways, it was sending the wrong message. Specifically:

  • While public relations (PR) is an important part of what we provide, it’s not the only service we provide. Our name was too often leaving the impression that PR was all we offered — even among our current clients. 
  • Our suite of services includes a number of more technical services, including website design and development, website hosting, search engine optimization and analytics, and both paid and organic social media. Updating our logo with a nod to code is a great way to introduce that important part of our story.
  • Perhaps most importantly is the definition of our new name: Comprise means to consist of or be made up of. More than just PR, we are a full-service firm that offers many services — that is, we comprise the communications services our clients need. 

In fact, the boilerplate paragraph on today’s news release explains it quite well: Bringing together everything communications should be, Comprise is a full-service agency that delivers the compelling and comprehensive communications services our clients need to move their businesses forward. Focused on creating effective solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs, our in-house team develops and executes communications initiatives that tell the right story to the right audience in the right way. Founded in 1991 in Boulder, Colorado, Comprise serves clients globally by leveraging a deep legacy of success in strategic public relations, content creation, social media strategy and management, SEO, web design and development, webinar production, and creative services to help clients connect with their audiences and achieve their goals. So, to paraphrase the quote from George Strait, we want to reach the point where people hear Comprise and immediately know we are a full-service communications agency.

Just don’t expect any country music — you’ll likely be very disappointed. 

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