Why Apple Amazes Me

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No, this isn’t a fanboy post. I’m not going to gush about Lion or the Air or the iPad.

I was amazed today by this headline — Survey: Consumers Want iPhone 5, Sight Unseen. Here’s a quote:

So frenetic is the fever pitch that 35 percent of nearly 3,000 US consumers surveyed online said they would buy the iPhone 5 upon its release later this year, according to Experian’s PriceGrabber shopping website.

Let’s be clear: 35 percent of those surveyed said they were interested in buying a phone that (a) hasn’t been announced, (b) hasn’t even been acknowledged by Apple and (c) doesn’t even have a strong rumor mill regarding features. Basically, 35 percent of those surveyed said “if Apple comes out with a new phone, I want one.”

That is nothing short of amazing.

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