Why I Hate Social Media

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I might get fired for this post.

I’m a little burned out on social media. Every day, thanks to Facebook, Twitter and a dozen or so other online communities in which I’m involved, I am awash in a sea of noise. And that’s all it is: noise.

Sure you might manage the noise with any number of fancy-schmancy APIs, security settings, or even just screening your phone calls, but what’s left? Which noises do you pay attention to once they’ve navigated through your complex system of filters and privacy settings? More importantly, why?

This is my problem with social media: it’s not terribly social. In fact, it often interrupts the time I spend interacting with my fellow humans. “Hang on, guys, I have to tweet this!” or “Sorry, I can’t go out tonight. I have to update WordPress.” Sound familiar, loser? It’s fun to read about goings-on from your friends (especially if they include a booze-induced typo or better yet, a juicy confession), but this kind of interaction shouldn’t get in the way of your social life—I mean your social IRL.

Here’s a revolutionary idea: let’s use social media to augment our personal relationships. Of course, there will be folks you only know through their blogs or the like. Just because I’ve never had a beer with Chris Illuminati doesn’t mean I have to enjoy this post any less. I mean to say let’s not build a network solely on social media. Use it to share your life with acquaintances, friends and family. Use it to make your life easier. Use it to meet new people—yes meet in analog, in person, with other human beings… and maybe beverages. Just don’t miss out on opportunities to build relationships IRL because of “social” media.  Unless you really don’t want to go on that blind date.


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