Why Infographics are Useful

Example of a process infographic. Created for Comprise client Western Disposal

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Infographics tell a story in a snapshot. Information can be overwhelming or boring when it’s displayed in a long block of text, infographics help the most important facts stand out. By breaking up a long piece of text with icons and other graphic elements, the information becomes more visually interesting. Done right, data visualizations will catch a viewer’s eyes and make them more likely to remember the information than if they had just read it in a page of text. Also, infographics are made for sharing. We are living in the age of social media. Attention spans are shrinking and more people are likely to look at an infographic than read a full article.

When is it a good time to use an infographic?


Infographics are perfect for highlighting stats. Creating data visualizations can highlight the significance of a number in a way that mere text cannot. Context is everything, and data visualizations can convey an important message at only a glance.

Example of stats infographic. Created for Comprise client TruKno


Infographics can shed light on concepts or subjects that most people don’t know exist. Many companies offer important and extremely useful services, but if people don’t understand what those services are or why they are important, it makes it hard to get customers. Adding visuals can make an unfamiliar subject much more approachable and help clarify more abstract concepts.

Example of an obscure subject infographic. Created for Comprise client Wowza


Sometimes the best way to get a point across is to put contrasting data side by side. Say you want to show that your product is superior to your competitors, a great way to do that is to put up some of your stats next to theirs and compare them.

Example of comparison infographic. Created for Comprise client Trans1


Infographics can paint a picture to make a process easier to understand. Take composting for instance. Almost everyone knows what compost is and that it’s good for plants, but not many people can tell you the process of making it or why it benefits plants so much.

Example of a process infographic. Created for Comprise client Western Disposal


Infographics can break down the various components of a product making it easier to highlight its value to a customer.

Example of product story telling infographic. Created for Comprise client Morphis

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