Win Big by Going Small: The Value of Trade Publications in PR


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We all know the value an article in The New York Times or appearing on “Good Morning America” brings to a company in establishing credibility and reaching audiences on a massive scale. The problem is EVERYONE wants that and is vying for those same spots. And more often than not, pursuing that big hit isn’t the best use of your resources or even the most effective PR tactic for driving your business forward. While top-tier coverage may technically reach more people, an article in your industry’s trade publication will garner more attention from the people and companies that actually care about your news.

What is a Trade Publication?

A trade publication is a periodical that provides industry-specific news, trends and analysis to professionals working within a particular trade or industry. Mainstream outlets have a broad audience, whereas trade publications are more niche in their focus and reach more targeted audiences.

Most trade publications offer abundant information about industry news, case studies, research and data, opinion pieces, and articles that go in-depth on industry segments, new developments and best practices. These allow professionals to stay up to date with the latest industry trends and innovations. Additionally, they serve as a platform for professionals to connect and network with each other. Trade publications often feature thought leadership interviews with industry leaders, providing opportunities for professionals to learn from their peers and build relationships with potential clients, suppliers and partners. Many also offer educational content, such as training materials, webinars and workshops, to help professionals improve their skills and advance their careers.

What Makes Trade Publications So Valuable?

An Accessible Pool of New Customers and Partners

Trade publications offer a considerable advantage over more prominent mainstream publications: They’re considered trusted sources of information for specific industries. They, therefore, serve as one of the largest industry-specific marketplaces for products and services. Their readers understand the issues within that industry and consequently have a better appreciation for the value your business brings to save them time or money.

A Stepping Stone to Bigger Opportunities

Trade publications offer opportunities for executives to lend their expertise and opinions and build brands. Oftentimes, trade publications feature articles written by respected leaders in their field that provide fresh perspectives and critical analysis on topics that mean the most to their respective audiences. Establishing an executive as a respected thought leader within your industry is the bridge to becoming a sought-after, recognized authority within your field for top-tier opportunities.

How Do We Leverage Trade Publications in PR?

Company Announcements

National publications generally cover big companies with market-moving news, while trade publications welcome press releases from smaller companies that offer news relevant to their readership.

Contributed Content

Submitting thought leadership articles, case studies or other content useful to the trade publication’s readership helps establish a company’s executive as a credible source and can drive traffic to their business. Often, it has a snowball effect, leading to more media opportunities and recognition.

Trusted Source for Feature Articles

Editors and writers are more likely to come to us directly to highlight one of our clients as an expert source for feature articles because we’ve already established their credibility and reliability via contributed content.

So, Let’s Not Go Big or Go Home

Moral of the story: Don’t discount the little guy. Those trade publications will get you in front of readers who can become future customers and partners. Trade publications are an indispensable tool in our PR arsenal, and it’s important that our clients understand their value.

As we say at Comprise, “we do the hard stuff;” we take on and understand clients whose industries or offerings are niche and complex. So, if you’re looking for a full-service communications team that understands your business and can get you media coverage where it matters, reach out!

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