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The Comprise Way

Bringing together everything communications should be, we understand that successful communication is more than just the right words — it’s combining creativity, authenticity and clever solutions to tell the right stories in a compelling way. That’s why we’ve developed the Comprise Way: a proprietary process that guides every aspect of developing and executing complete, comprehensive communications strategies that empower our clients to meet the right audience with the right message.



Whether building brand awareness, simplifying the explanation of technical details or establishing thought leadership in a nascent sector, we collaborate with high-tech clients to create meaningful impact every step of the way.


While keeping up with the frequency and scale of cyberattacks in our increasingly digital world is difficult, we work to understand what’s next and generate recognition around the next generation of cybersecurity innovation.

Green Tech

Our climate is changing. That undeniable fact cements the need for clean energy and green tech companies that can communicate how they help mitigate the impact of climate change and protect the planet for future generations. 

Health Tech

In an era of digital health, wearable devices and advanced solutions, we equip health care technology companies with the communications tools to establish credibility while demonstrating value to patients or care professionals.

Cannabis & Emerging Markets

Recognizing that companies in cannabis and other emerging markets often work from a different playbook, our communications services provide imaginative solutions that address the challenges these organizations invariably face.

B2B & Professional Services

As a full-service communications agency, we uniquely understand how to strategically leverage various communications services to earn trust, build relationships and sell products or services to other professional organizations.



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Shaping the Public Perception of Artificial Intelligence

Given the rapid advancement and fear, uncertainty and doubt associated with artificial intelligence, effective communication strategies can help shape the technology’s perceptions among the general public and distribute accurate, timely and engaging information from AI-focused organizations.

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