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Navigating Truth: Media Literacy in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

In the age of information overload, understanding complex issues like the Israel-Palestine situation requires sharp media literacy skills. This post offers crucial strategies for navigating complex narratives, avoiding misinformation and approaching the conflict with a critical, open mind. Learn how to discern facts from bias and build a comprehensive understanding.

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AI on sticky note

Shaping the Public Perception of Artificial Intelligence

Given the rapid advancement and fear, uncertainty and doubt associated with artificial intelligence, effective communication strategies can help shape the technology’s perceptions among the general public and distribute accurate, timely and engaging information from AI-focused organizations.

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Creating dedicated fans, whether in rock and roll or PR, helps ensure success.

Building PR like Springsteen

Just as Bruce Springsteen started in Asbury Park, NJ, and built his fanbase in ever-expanding circles from there, Comprise uses a “core-out” approach to PR.

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climate change communications sign with image of globe that says "One World"

Facing the Reality: Striking a Balance with Climate Change Communications

Communicating effectively on climate change requires a delicate balance — conveying the scale of potential suffering from rising temperatures, sea levels and other impacts without apocalyptic rhetoric fueling a counterproductive sense of doom. This post explores how to urgently illustrate the crisis in visceral terms while leaving room for hope and solutions.

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