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On Point Communications approached Comprise for a website refresh. Following a successful website project, Comprise completed a logo adaptation for the company’s innovative How-To™ Model, updating the accompanying graphics provided to support this framework. Comprise also developed comprehensive brand guidelines using the established framework, ensuring brand consistency.

Photo of Cindy Skalicky with the On Point Communication logo

Our Work

Comprise initiated the website refresh by installing and configuring a new WordPress theme, enhancing the site’s quality, functionality, aesthetics and user experience. We implemented clear typography and visually appealing graphics, ensuring the site’s display featured responsive layouts.

Our creative design team solidified the adapted logo using a green accent color, specifically for the How-To™ Model, resulting in updated graphics that showcased a cleaner, elevated design.

The development of brand guidelines focused on establishing proper logo usage, defining color variations and specifying considerations for incorporating the logo into designs. The guidelines also covered core values and brand assets, including color, typography, photography, iconography and graphics related to the How-To™ Model. Additionally, the guidelines provided examples for social posts, testimonials, print materials and presentations, equipping the On Point Communications team to set its innovative framework apart from the competition.

The Results

Before refreshing the website and establishing brand guidelines, inconsistencies in the appearance of the brand existed. Now, the brand consistency is visually appealing, unified and polished across various platforms (website, social media and presentations). Overall, user engagement increased, and implementing a user-friendly webpage builder made the site easier to update.

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