2021 Salute to the Hardworking Team at Comprise

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‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all over Slack
All the staffers were stirring, prepared to read this short “look back.”
2021 was a year for the books.
The last 12 months had “mappers”* all on the hook.
Our growth spiked quickly, which made Doyle’s eyes twinkle,
Hiring nine new employees, including one Sprinkles**.
Lauren started as an intern and moved to AC***,
Then Madison joined in January, promoted quickly to AE***.
Kendra, Matt and Sprinkles came shortly thereafter,
Making their clients look good is a skill they have mastered
Tati was thrown into the Comprise mix this summer,
And delighting her clients is never a bummer.
Ryan and Nolan then joined the digital side,
Supporting websites and social, services we always provide.
Jen Stevens returned to PR and joined us this fall,
Nicknamed JS2**** to not confuse her with Jen OG and all.
Andrea Holt was our first hire in 2020,
PR, webinars and social are how she makes her money.
Adison Young worked on websites, PDFs and logos,
Making sure our clients’ branding kept up with their mojo.
Our copy manager, Drew, is now in year five,
Writing content and sharing tips so that we thrive.
Jennifer Stevens OG took the digital lead,
Driving clients’ design, marketing, websites and social — even for weed!
Dominating PR is Melissa’s mantra each day,
Overseeing each client and pitch the MC way.
As we grew, processes were refined by Amy Leger, *****
Connecting with clients and each other, she got her way.
Whether Metzger Associates, Metzger Albee or Comprise,
Just call us Agency of the Year — since it’s what we are!
Thirty years in business and kicking ass to boot,
Thank you team, partners and customers, with this — we salute!* = Rather than saying each individual letter (M-A-P-R), our company name is often read as one word (“mapper”).

** = Our account coordinator Melissa Sprinkle shares a first name with our vice president of PR, Melissa Christensen, so she opted to use her nickname, “Sprinkles.”

*** = “AC” stands for “account coordinator”; “AE” stands for “account executive.”

**** = While several of our employees share a first name, having two employees with the same first and last name was an Comprise first (and it made a mess of emails and Slack)!

***** = A French pronunciation. Think “luh-ZHAY.”

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