From scraps to scrumptious: A recipe for turning a brain dump into a wonderful writing piece

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If you’ve ever had a disgusting amount of leftovers, you understand how overwhelming it can be to try and create a Top Chef-quality meal out of useless scraps that seem … well, useless as they wither away in the murky depths of your fridge. The same goes for writing! All of those expired thoughts or ideas repressed in your brain do not have to go to waste. Follow this three-step recipe and you will create a writing piece that is, *chef’s kiss.*

1 full cup of confidence

The first ingredient calls for confidence. That’s right. In order to even begin thinking of taking all of those leftover ideas, passing thoughts or simply outrageous concepts and dumping them on paper, you must have confidence. If you write like no one is reading, you will soon understand the first draft does not have to be perfect! In fact, it can be quite messy. Trust me, once you empty your brain out, you’ll feel lighter and ready to move on to the next step.

A dash of detail

Once you have collected and dumped everything and anything and wrote it all down, carefully extract the content’s most important detail. Ask yourself, “what am I trying to prove here?” The main detail is your main dish — make it a good one.

A sprinkle of literary genius

Now, here’s the fun part! You have already done the heavy lifting for creating your masterpiece. Spice up your work by strategically incorporating rhetorical devices such as adding your own style (fusing the idea with your individuality), switching up the syntax (manipulating the order of words for maximum effect) or mixing a tone (any feelings humans can experience) in to evoke a specific attitude for your readers. If you still need assistance to cook up your next written content masterpiece, let us know how we can adjust our recipe to tell your story!

*Please consume these thoughts responsibly.

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