How to stay engaged in work when the TV is only a few steps away 

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The flexibility of working remotely is both a blessing and a curse. Remote work presents unique challenges, such as the temptation to watch TV, catch up on chores or scroll through social media. Despite these hurdles, through my experience working remotely for Comprise, I have discovered some helpful tips to ensure I stay engaged throughout my day. 

Seven Tips to Stay Focused While Working Remotely

In the beginning, it was easier to work from home. There is a sense of excitement when starting anything new, so getting mentally prepared to log in and start my day by saying “good morning” on Slack was thrilling. But, as time went on and remote work began to feel more lonesome, I needed to make some changes so that I could continue to stay on task. Here are the seven ways I keep myself engaged at work. 

  1. Get dressed for work: When you wake up, act like you are going to the office. It’s okay if you sometimes want to dress more comfortably, but getting out of your PJs and looking professional and buttoned-up will help improve motivation and set the tone for your day. 
  2. Write out your daily plan: I start my day by writing out everything I need to do for school, work and personal life. I use different colored felt-tip pens, notebooks and calendars. Having this routine lets you clearly see all the tasks needed that day and ease your transition into the working headspace. I find it very satisfying to physically cross something off a list instead of deleting it on a laptop, but either way works. 
  3. Have a designated workspace: One thing that benefited my productivity was making my desk my permanent workspace and office. This means that when I am sitting at my desk, I only do my work, acting as an “on” and “off” switch. It’s important to note that, if possible, don’t eat lunch in the same space you work in unless you plan on working during your lunch break. Otherwise, take a seat somewhere else to eat — that way — you can have some separation.
  4. Have separate Chrome profiles (or separate laptops if possible): I utilize a different profile for school, work and personal use, which keeps things separate and organized. 
  5. Take breaks and get outside: One of the benefits of working remotely is that you can plan around some errands or personal time throughout your day if something urgent pops up. Of course, make sure that stepping away for a moment is okay with your coworkers, but getting some outdoor time can help you feel less isolated. 
  6. Communicate as much as possible:  It can be easy to feel disconnected when remote. I’ve found that keeping an active line of communication with my coworkers has played an integral role in my success. Using Slack messaging and the huddle feature has become my favorite way to communicate with coworkers and helps me feel less disconnected from them.  
  7. End your day doing something you love and turn on do not disturb: Don’t just go straight to bed after you log off — go for a walk, play a video game or cook a nice meal. Otherwise, you might feel like you never have time for yourself. In addition, turning on do not disturb or shutting your work profile or laptop off will allow you to disconnect at the end of the day. 

By incorporating these habits into your routine, you can stay focused, organized and ready for your day in a remote work environment — attaining productivity levels that might surprise you. 

Embracing the Balance of Remote Work

In the grand scheme of remote work, it’s all about striking the perfect harmony of productivity and contentment. Staying engaged while working remotely necessitates embracing routines and rituals that cultivate productivity, like dressing for the office, crafting a dedicated workspace and visually structuring your tasks. It’s also crucial to remember the value of breaks and the outdoors — they are there to help you feel rejuvenated.

Comprise champions this balanced, engaging approach to work, offering a hybrid work model that supports both your professional ambitions and personal aspirations. Sound interesting? Visit our careers page to explore all our opportunities. Trust me — you’ll love working here!

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