Fort Collins Startup Week Targets Flexibility and Local Expertise in 2021

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In a normal year, right about now, Fort Collins Startup Week would be finalizing all of its speakers, venues and happy hours in time for the week-long event at the end of February. In fact, last year the event was probably one of the last big networking events entrepreneurs and startup founders in northern Colorado attended before the Covid-19 lockdown in March.

Since then, similar Startup Week events have been anything but what we’re used to: 100% virtual. While some have worked on keeping the event as “live” as possible, in 2021 organizers for the Fort Collins event are going a different route and recording nearly all sessions. By doing so, we can watch (and rewatch) when it’s convenient — and the content is shorter than what you’re used to. Nick Armstrong, organizer of the event has three goals:

  • Actionable content. Attendees can dive in and learn what they want and then use that knowledge for their business.
  • Keep it local. Experts offering the content are local entrepreneurs.
  • Experience-driven: Session leaders are not only entrepreneurs, but they’ve “been there, done that” and have a wealth of experience to share.

Comprise is a proud sponsor of the PR and Marketing Track at Fort Collins Startup Week. We are working on several sessions including:

  • How to reach the media like a pro
  • Creating your own virtual press conference
  • What to know about funding announcements (and getting media coverage)
  • Determining if your website is accessible
  • When to know your branding needs an update
  • Google’s 2021 Page Experience Update

All of these will give you the resources you can use to take action. And here’s a hint, if you have a website, that Google 2021 Page Experience topic is a BIG one! It is worth spending your time on it.

Aside from the PR track, there will be many MORE sessions from which to choose, including some live sessions at the end of February. The sessions are going to start rolling out starting February 22. Find out more information at Fort Collins Startup Week’s website. Once they are all published, we’ll add links to the resources page on our site, which is coming soon!

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