Four Reasons Why Your Company Should Work With a Boutique PR and Marketing Agency

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After having conversations with clients and analyzing trends across the communications sector, we’re witnessing an apparent shift in the type of firms that large businesses are working with. Put briefly, big companies are seeking out boutique agencies over massive firms. Why? Smaller agencies now offer more than what large agencies once provided. Here are a few reasons why boutique communications agencies are the preferred choice of successful companies:

The Relationship a Boutique Agency Provides

Research shows that 64% of people want businesses to create a genuine connection with their consumers, with 51% of people defining this relationship as the brand understanding their wants and needs. Due to the size of larger public relations and marketing agencies, there is often a serious disconnect between the client and the account lead. Only a small sector of the company is typically aware of your goals and desires, and there is little to no communication with the senior team in most instances.

Working with a boutique agency, however, gives you direct, personal access not only to the people working on your account but also to the senior team and even the agency’s president or CEO. The movement of information and communication is also much more efficient and effective in a boutique agency due to the small size of the team. Questions are answered in a prompt manner, and there is no lack of communication between a boutique agency and its clients.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Recent trends illustrate that it is becoming increasingly common for a boutique agency to offer the flexibility that companies require. A boutique agency can employ a personalized approach, rapidly adapting to client needs and continually modifying any PR or marketing plans to best align with company goals. Boutique communications firms have the time and resources to explore your business and learn the ins and outs of what makes your company special so that they can help best achieve your vision. The more nimble an agency can be, the faster it can strategize and launch a campaign, resulting in quick and effective results.

Higher Caliber of Expertise

While a bigger agency may have a larger team, this often does not equate to better results. With a boutique agency, each team member has to pull their weight when working with a client to efficiently get the job done. At a larger agency, there are fewer roles that have a significant impact on the success of the company. Therefore, every member on a small agency’s team is an MVP. With higher overhead costs due to larger agency sizes, sizable PR firms often charge more for less when it comes to the results that move your business forward. Getting the best bang for your buck is easier with a boutique agency.

Innovative Ideas to Achieve Client Goals

Most large-scale agencies will reuse the same methods and strategies on each of their clients, which lacks creativity and a personalized approach. With a boutique agency, on the other hand, you will work directly with the agency to plan a unique campaign that best suits your company instead of recycling old ideas. Boutique agencies are more likely to employ clever and original solutions to accomplish their clients’ goals.Whether your company is interviewing large or small agencies (or a little of both), what matters most is choosing the right fit that will expend the time and resources to accomplish your goals. At Comprise, we make sure to express genuine care about our clients’ businesses and are dedicated to providing personalized service while also creating meaningful relationships. TLDR; Bigger may not always be better. We do the hard stuff and excel at telling stories that move our clients’ business forward. Let us tell your story.

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