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Construction & Humanitarian Aid


Block Solutions Global is a Finland-based company that develops environmentally friendly blocks made from recycled plastics that are used for building sustainable homes and buildings for people all around the world.

As Block Solutions grew, the company found itself in need of a better way to present its data to potential investors.

Block Solutions logo overlaid on photo of school under construction in Indonesia

Our Work

After engaging with the Block Solutions team, we determined the best way to share this data was an investor deck for initial meetings. We designed a modern, eye-catching deck that used vibrant colors complementing the company’s existing brand and layered it with a wide variety of supporting images and icons to share the Block Solutions story, the company’s goals and future projects.

To accompany this investor deck, Comprise designed and developed a new investor portal website. This site is shared with serious investors and provides further resources. Comprise designed the site to leverage an effective but intuitive content restriction system to ensure that users can view different content based on their investor level. Our design team incorporated the new color scheme and current web design trends to create a visually interesting and intuitive interface. As part of the web development process, our content development team collaborated with the Block Solutions team to craft clear and concise investor copy that conveys the right message in the right place.

The Results

The digital resources that Comprise developed helped establish Block Solutions Global as a credible and innovative authority in the global humanitarian community. The new presentation deck and investor portal provided the client with an easy and effective way to share information specifically tailored for different investor levels. The resulting website infrastructure also enables Block Solutions to easily scale the portal to accommodate new content and investor types.

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