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Green Garage is an innovative eco-friendly, full-service car care shop with locations in Boulder and Denver with aggressive plans to expand nationally. The company is different not only for its sustainable approach to auto repair but also for catering to middle-aged women — a demographic that often feels taken advantage of at other repair shops. Green Garage staff ensure transparency by showing their clients how car care works and what to expect in terms of repairs, answering questions with honesty and sincerity.

To help increase brand awareness and educate Green Garage’s target market, Comprise was tasked with building a website that would match the revolutionary vision of the company and developing educational seminars explicitly geared toward women.

Green Garage

Our Work

Comprise worked with the Green Garage team to bring their shops’ green, clean, open feel to the digital space through search engine optimization and an engaging website design leveraging bright colors and a simple user experience.

With a focus on providing education to the community, we also designed a series of events dubbed “Women, Wine and Wrenches” for those interested in learning more about their vehicles, avoiding trips to the repair shop and using auto repair techniques that are gentler on the environment to prolong their vehicle’s life.

Comprise drafted and distributed news releases and posted advisories in local and special-interest media outlets and blogs to publicize each event. We also contacted women’s groups and printed posters and flyers to hand out around town. Additionally, we designed and sent emails to the client’s mailing list and posted regular event messages to social media to hype up attendees in advance of the events.

Green Garage website design.

The Results

By leading the eye with clean lines and a consistent color palette and consolidating search-engine-optimized content into a better-organized navigation structure, Comprise designed and launched a one-of-a-kind website for Green Garage that not only accommodates its current Colorado locations but also allows the company the capacity to grow as it expands to cities nationwide.

Through the Comprise-created “Women, Wine and Wrenches” events and other educational initiatives, our agency helped empower women (and men) in the community with the knowledge they need to maintain their vehicles better and more sustainably.

Although these events were held in Denver and Boulder, Green Garage’s visibility has spread nationally with media coverage in outlets such as Fast Company, Westword, CNN and many others.

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