3 Common Misconceptions About Tech PR

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If I were to tell the earliest pioneers in the field of public relations that PR would become immersed in high-technology industries, they may not have believed me. Why? Even in today’s society, not all people understand what public relations is, let alone what tech PR is!

Fact: A specialized tech PR firm can offer technology companies unique skills that non-niche PR firms cannot.

As PR continuously evolves alongside the ongoing advances in humankind and technology, one thing is certain: Technology is crucial now more than ever. With technology companies expanding the need to connect with customers and stakeholders, someone has to support these goals and initiatives. This is where partnering with a tech-centric pubic relations agency comes in handy.To ease any confusion about what tech PR is and isn’t, I debunked some common misconceptions below.

Misconception 1) Tech PR is easy, and success happens overnight

Anyone can write a snappy press release, right? Wrong! At Comprise, we craft our words with intention and provide the right information to journalists and other target audiences. The PR trick is to pull the most interesting facts or stories related to your client and apply them in such a way that intrigues the readers of targeted publications and — most importantly — the journalists and reporters reading your pitch.

With online and print publications currently understaffed, the need for a tech PR professional to provide information in a clear and concise manner is taking on increased importance. Many companies believe that once the PR machine starts moving, coverage swiftly follows. Securing media coverage can be that simple, but in most cases, building a reputable brand, generating awareness and cultivating good relationships with the press takes time and continued effort.

Misconception 2) Everyone who works in tech PR is a “geek”

I’ll be the first to admit there’s an inner “nerd” in all of us. At Comprise, we celebrate and encourage it! One of the best parts of working at a technology PR firm is the wealth of knowledge gained from working with clients like Phase Change Software, OWL Cybersecurity, Zaiser Motors or Vaisala.

Out of all the different PR sectors, tech PR is extremely versatile and complex. What keeps every day interesting is the variety of fascinating topics we learn about. Although it makes sense to have assumptions about who works in the world of technology, I’m proud to say I learn something new each day and feel an immense sense of purpose in being able to help our innovative clients reach broader audiences.

Misconception 3) My tech company doesn’t need PR.

How do you think tech powerhouses like Apple and Microsoft get coverage? Believe it or not, getting the media to cover your story doesn’t just spontaneously happen. Someone is behind the scenes working their PR magic to build relationships with reporters, attract interest and transform technical topics into engaging editorial content.

Our philosophy at Comprise is this: PR is far more than pushing out a memorable press release. At Comprise, we offer a host of opportunities for our clients, delivering a healthy combination of strategic PR, website development, SEO, digital marketing campaigns and social media management services to help technology companies go from blah to bold.Yes, there are several misconceptions about public relations in general. But tack on technology to it and people have hesitations and question, “Is this even worthwhile?” The short answer: VERY. If you’re a technology company that needs help effectively communicating your story, tap our tech PR expertise!

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