Virtual Happy Hour with Comprise

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At Comprise, our team operates like a family. Before COVID-19 hit, happy hours, community service and other fun events happened on a regular basis. During the pandemic, however, we (like many companies) transitioned to working remotely, and face-to-face contact with one another plummeted. But our company culture is important to us, which is why we’ve tried our best to continue looking for new ways to learn more about our colleagues while having some fun outside of work.

Virtual Happy Hour — Three Truths and a Lie

During a recent virtual happy hour, we were able to get closer to one another by playing “three truths and a lie.” A wonderful icebreaker activity, “three truths and a lie” enabled us to discover interesting facts about other members of the team. Each team member was asked to share four statements about themselves (three of them being true and one of them a lie) in addition to a picture from their past. After sharing the four statements, the rest of the team took turns guessing which statement was the lie. By revealing some of the interesting — and amusing — aspects of our lives, we learned that we sure do have a unique and dynamic squad.

In sharing this awesome idea, we hope to help other companies that might be struggling with their team-building efforts nearly 12 months into the pandemic.

Comprise has some amazing team members.

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